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Public Notices

Henry County Sheriff's Deputies Graduate Law Enforcement Academy 


Deputies Gavin Ogle and Gabrielle Weathers were cheered on by their family, friends and coworkers as they walked across the stage on September 18th, to receive their diploma's.  Both had just graduated from the 45th session of the Law Enforcement Academy taught at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center - Bibb campus.  After the ceremony, both officer's were sworn in by Sheriff Keith McBrayer, signed their oath of office and officially had their Deputy Sheriff badges pinned on their uniforms for the first time.  Deputy Weathers had an extra surprise, she won the "Top Gun" honor for marksmanship, beating out the rest of her class.  To read more about Deputy Weathers award, click here.

Public Notices

Welcome From Sheriff Keith McBrayer

Welcome to our informative interactive website.  It is my goal to make as much information as possible available to you 24 hours a day within the guidelines of the law and the limits of technology.  Check back often for updates and additional improvements. 

Sheriff’s Message


I have received several inquiries on the issue of the second amendment constitutional right to bear arms. I have not previously responded because I have been learning more about the facts of what the federal government is proposing. It would have been inappropriate to share my thoughts without an accurate understanding. Although we don’t fully know the actions to come, I would like you to know my position on this issue. 
Since the tragedy and dreadful loss of innocent life at Sandy Hook elementary school the controversy over the second amendment constitutional right to bear arms has been reignited with great passion from both sides of the issue. 
As the debate and concern over the potential loss of this fundamental constitutional civil right grows I have been asked, as your elected Sheriff, where I stand. The primary concern expressed to me is that the federal government will expand its powers or greatly reduce the rights of the law abiding Citizens to own or use firearms. I took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Georgia. This includes the second Amendment which I fully support.
I am an elected Georgia Constitutional officer and my duty is to the citizens of Henry County governed by the laws of the State of Georgia. Additionally, after 35 years in law enforcement I understand that crimes are committed by people not inanimate objects. I also know that there are many persons with mental illnesses trying to survive in society who may not be properly cared for.
The issue is not only the special interest interpretations of the second Amendment but the overall concept that government can override the rights granted to “citizens” of the United States.  
Although all the details of what is to come are not yet clear, I am providing this information because I have attained my goal to identify support across our State. To that end, the Georgia Sheriff’s Association unanimously voted in their January 28, 2013 conference to release the following statement;
“The Sheriff’s [of Georgia] took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the second Amendment. The Sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law abiding citizens; right to bear arms. The Sheriffs further agree to support any legislation that would effectively penalize criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.”
Best Regards,


Keith McBrayer

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