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Gang Information

Yes, we have gang activity in Henry County.  Not of the magnitude that is often depicted in the movies or on television.  Much of the activity here is of the street gang type, which results in property damage, theft, batteries, etc.  But it is still gang activity and it causes problems for everyone.

Recent studies show a 25% increase in the number of areas with gang problems.  This includes large cities and suburban counties as well as small cities and rural counties.

For this reason Sheriff Keith McBrayer has provided information to help adults recognize the telltale signs of gang involvement.  Additionally, Sgt. Jason Mitchell, a Sheriff's Office member of the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force, collects gang information gathered by our Jail Operations Division and our Field Operations Division to help curtail drug crimes.  Sgt. Mitchell can be contacted by e-mail or by calling 770-288-7115.

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