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Inmate Money

While in custody, inmates must use their personal inmate account for all transactions.  Inmates are not permitted to possess cash, which is regarded as contraband and visitors who give inmates cash are subject to prosecution.  Instead, you may deposit money in the inmates account.

Inmates are able to buy a variety of approved items from the jail commissary, provided they have sufficient funds to pay for what they order.  Medical co-pays, phone calling cards and reimbursements for damaged and missing items are also deducted from inmate accounts.

Upon release, an inmate may pickup any money remaining in their inmate account.  If the inmate is transferred to another facility, the remaining funds can be transferred to that facility at the request of the inmate or a family member.

If you have questions regarding inmate accounts, please call
Stephanie Carnell at 770-288-7053.

For more information on sending money to an inmate click here.

For more information on inmate calling cards click here.


Stephanie Carnell
Inmate Accounts

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