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The Community Relations Unit provides several ongoing programs for adults, seniors and businesses. Many of these programs are provided on a regular monthly schedule or upon request for businesses and community organizations. 

  • Senior Citizen Awareness – This monthly program held at both Henry County Senior Centers is designed to educate senior citizens on the scams and schemes that law enforcement are aware of to help them identify potential financial risks. 
  • Business Watch – This program is designed to make business owners and employees aware of the pitfalls and patterns businesses fall into that criminals look for to prey on them. It is also designed to help business owners and employees become more acquainted with other businesses in close proximity so they can watch out for each other. 
  • Workplace Violence – The purpose of this program is to help businesses educate their employees on how to recognize volatile situations that could lead to violence and how to deal with or defuse the situation. 
  • Church Security and Safety – In today’s world even the sanctuary of a place of worship may be a target for criminals. To help congregations learn to identify and deal with a variety situations this program was created in two parts:
    • Part 1 – In this introduction we inform church leaders and committee members of the facts on the safety and security crisis’s at churches throughout the country. This includes potential vulnerabilities and the real consequences of doing nothing
    • Part 2 – This section is an onsite evaluation of the potential weaknesses and to assist in the development of security teams and the creation of a Security and Safety Operational Plan. A well developed plan may save your congregation money in the form of insurance reductions and reduced liability.  
    • Provided documents – As part of the program the Sheriff’s Office will provide copies of the program to share with your congregation as well as a model Safety and Security plan (in Word format) for your team to modify for your specific property needs. 
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